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Olive oil is a Supernatural oil for women’s


Olive oil has antioxidants as the main property. Perfectly ally for fixing acne Problems. You should also include olive oil in your diet due to which your skin will be clean and moisturized.

2.Ear Aches

To get rid of ear Ache. First Boil olive oil little bit higher than the room temperature. Put a few drops in your both ears and cover it with a cotton ball.

3.Hair Loss

Olive oil increases your blood flow. Due to which your Hair Fall Stops. And you get a smooth & Healthy.

4.Stretch Mark’s

Apply Olive Oil with a Mixture of wheat germ. Due to everyday Massage, the Hydration will improve the stretch of Mark’s. But you have to do it every day.


To improve and cure a Burn, It Is Very Beneficial to apply Tablespoon of olive oil. However, don’t apply it right after your burn. Because you have to let the burning breath for a few minutes first. The olive oil will Hydrate your skin and relieve pain.

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