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Lockdown Creative Minds-Things to do When Bored during Home Quarantine

5 Things to do When Bored

Passing Time Is very Hard when You are Home Quarantine. Let Your Creative Minds Keep Flowing and Make things Productive of it. We are Home Quarantine everyone is bored in Lockdown. We can just Roam from one Room to Another. Let’s see 5 Things to do When Bored.

Creative Minds During Home Quarantine

There are many things You can do During Home Quarantine. You can involve your family or Can enjoy Solo. Because this time is Best to See the Limits of our Creative Minds.

1) Learn How to Cook:-

Most of them are BIG Foodies Like Me. Due to Home Quarantine, We all are Missing Fast Food. whenever we think about fast food Dishes our mouth starts craving for it. You can make some delicious Dishes from the Ingredients you have at Home. On YouTube, you will get How to Make new Dishes from different Ingredients. Many Channels are Available related to Cooking.

2) Organize your Photos:-

In this Digital world, everyone got a smartphone in there hand with various Awesome features. Smartphones With High Megapixel Camera Capture your Movements into Memories. Everyone Drive is Stored with many Random Pic’s. To Kill Boredom start organizing your photos in Proper Albums.

3) YOGA:-

According to the Survey most People who have got Affected by COVID-19 there immunity were low. Doing Yoga every early morning can help you to boost up your immune system.

4) Spend Time with your Family:-

Home Quarantine means Staying at your Home. use this precious time to create Gem Memories with your Family. You can Play Indoor Games.

5) Be a Youtuber:-

If you have any Skills and want to share with others or wanted to Showcase your Talent in front of everyone. YOUTUBE is the Best Platform to get Viral and you can Earn from youtube. If you don’t believe it then Check my YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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