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The Endorser

An authority in digital attention, Priya Saini is a bold mentor, professional consultant, video blogger and speaker about Fashion content marketing . A former Miss Chandigarh(Miss perfect body), Priya is known for her lifestyle fashion couture and beauty hacks which originates from her popular YouTube channel PriyaSainiOfficial. With a rich experience of presenting and endorsing Various fashion tips and tricks along with endorsements —Priya has become the most requested speaker for brand endorsements and life style fashion at cross events all over India.

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The Experience

Today in the influencing world, the personalities that shine are the ones who win over the hearts of customers. No matter what size your company or product is, branding in a personal way is the edge you need to stand out. Let your audience see a face who will lead them to become your greatest brand advocates. The vlogger and infuencer Priya Saini will help you discover the power of personality in your branding to build right and reach an engaged community who will support you for life.

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The Judge

Priya Saini has been an integral part of the fashion industry. Shown directions in many dimensions of creativity. She has directed shows for some designers in Punjab and Delhi, The concepts by Priya in the fashion platform has not only reinvented unique ways in the industry but also has emerged Priya to be the part of Jury members in the show. She has been an outstanding judge delivering with an optimum level in the couture world.

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